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In this post we want to bring you the best digital marketing books we have read in recent years. The goal here is to email database bring a list of books with content linked not only to business as a whole.

If you deal with digital marketing you have certainly heard of , better known as Gary Vee . Everything that comes from it virtually dispenses with comments. The guy is a legend in social media with millions of followers around the world. Gary is authentic, speaks his mind and always has a message linked to hard work . Incidentally, he talks about this for more than a decade (when he started producing videos before Youtube even exists for the family wine company).

In Gary explores a metaphor connected with boxing. Although the book was released in 2013, it  presents super current concepts . The author says that brands in the digital environment, especially in social media, should use several jabs (small punches) that mean to offer interactions that make the consumer think, reflect, laugh, play, feel valued or even just escape for a time of the annoyances of life.

He says that for many decades, brands have only worn right hooks (the famous “buy here”, “super promotion”, etc.) but now the ring (or the market) is another and it is necessary for the professionals of digital marketing to adapt to the new reality.

The book contains a number of examples and case studies that will help you understand what it means and make it easier to apply it in your day to day life . Nocaute is one of the leading digital marketing books linked to the social media universe. Worth the reading!

In this post we want to bring you the best digital marketing books we have read in recent years. The goal here is to bring a list of books with content linked not only to

In this list you will have most of the books with high content of practical applicability : That is, after you read, you can quickly apply several of the concepts learned. In fact, this is one of the main objectives of reading about business books: learning new concepts and applying them to your reality. Of course, it is not the only one: books are meant to make us reflect, debate, question and, obviously, increase our repertoire on a certain theme.

The order of these digital marketing books does not necessarily represent an order of importance for reading and any one of them you choose has a high value (at least we get excellent lessons from all of them, so we selected from that listing).

The book  was written for the universe of startups. Whether you work or are founder of a startup is an excellent book to draw several insights for business growth . However, even for those who do not have a startup, we highly recommend reading the book. Traction is also not one of those “pure” digital marketing books, however it brings many concepts of how to generate growth for a business using digital marketing as a medium.

Some of the concepts you’ll see in the book are  SEM  Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media & Display Ads, Content Marketing, and other channels (some more traditional). 19 channels that authors consider essential for business growth . Not all of them will work for your business, but it’s likely that many will.

At the beginning of the book is presented a  so that the entrepreneur can discern how to know if a channel is good for the business or not. You can read without fear, it will certainly bring good insights to your company!

This is not one of those traditional digital marketing books, however, it talks about  and how it can be influenced based on Therefore, if you talk about people’s behavior, it is imperative that those interested in digital marketing and marketing take an interest in the subject.

is also another author who needs no introduction. In his previous classic called ” ” a must book for every marketer, he brings us six “weapons” to persuade and influence people. If you have not read it, we recommend you read it, it’s amazing!

However, we have brought here his most recent book,  . In this new work, Cialdini shows why he is considered the greatest specialist in the world when it comes to influence and persuasion . The book brings several researches done in this field and show how people’s behavior can be influenced even before an idea is presented. It is at this moment that we are able to “pre-suprad” our interlocutors.

The most incredible of Cialdini’s books is that they.What works today in this field of persuasion and influence will most likely also be true from here 10 years ago.

An indispensable digital marketing book for anyone who wants to know more about . Rafael Rez was able to bring in this work an  with digital media and how content marketing strategy has become essential for many business growth.

For those who work in the area, have a business or are interested in the subject,  . The author covers topics such as content marketing planning, traffic generation, lead generation, technology part, tools, metrics and more.

Content marketing has nothing to do with blog posting at random or posting daily on social media just because your competitor is doing it. On the contrary, the book shows that it  to know how to measure the success of the initiatives that will be created.

Anyway, this is one of those digital marketing books that you you want to create. Buy without fear!

Another classic for every marketer. Again, it’s not one of those digital marketing books that talks exclusively about the subject, but it had to be on that list. In , authors Chip and Dan Heath show us what lies behind ideas that really have success and impact. This book will transform your way of communicating!

The book contains 6 principles that authors consider essential to get a good idea . And it’s good to be clear that a good idea is not any idea. The ideas they stick together are easy to understand, memorable, and effective in changing thoughts and behaviors.

After much research and understanding of this type of idea, the authors explore each of these principles in individual chapters , bringing several examples, which makes content absorption very easy. Let’s not talk about the 6 principles here, so you’ll have to read the book (laughs).

Although the book was released in 2007, its concepts remain super current, so it’s on this list! If you work with digital marketing, I’m sure you’ll get great practical lessons from this book!

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