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Does your company use SMS advertising? Iraq Email List The mobile has become a fundamental instrument in our day to day, and is increasingly used to surf the Internet. For this reason, mobile marketing and advertising by SMS are currently important tools to reach the target audience of your company.

Companies seek through advertising different ways to reach their customers or potential customers. In this sense, strategies such as advertising or SMS advertising are used.Do you want to work the DIGITAL PUBLICITY of your company?

Discover mobile marketing and start using it

Mobile marketing involves the use of mobile to promote products and services through different techniques. The use of mobile means the creation of a way of closer communication between companies and customers.

Before using mobile marketing you should ask yourself several questions like the following to be able to focus the campaign well:

  • What is a mobile user doing? It is clear that we do not use the mobile phone as a computer and, generally, what we do is look for information, watch videos, check social networks or buy tickets for shows and clothing.
  • What kind of presence do you want to have in mobile? The answer to this question will depend on the business to which you dedicate yourself, who is your client or the goals you want to achieve with mobile marketing.

The techniques of mobile marketing that are often used are diverse, we describe them below:

  • Responsive website Almost all of us use mobile phones to access the internet, which is why the design of your company’s website must be adapted to mobile phones and tablets.
  • What do you think about designing your own App?Launching your own App makes sense if your business is going to work 100% on your mobile or if your project works online. Before creating your own App, study your market and design a complete marketing app strategy, if you are interested in the subject, you are interested in the article; SEO for mobile . The results that are obtained in an Internet search from the mobile are different from those obtained if the search is made from a computer. Therefore, it is necessary to apply a strategy ton and actively work on SEO.
  • Ads adapted to mobile phones . There are certain ads that are annoying for some users, and more, if you are using a mobile. In this sense, announcements are being made that are simpler for mobiles and that are interactive.
  • Email marketing . It is very common that we use the mobile to check our email, so the use of email marketing has been extended, although we can not forget that it must also be responsive.
  • Geolocation.This is one of the most prominent aspects of mobile phones and offers potential customers promotions and offers depending on where you are.
  • Advertising by SMS. The mobile text messages were the ones that were first used in mobile marketing and today they are still used to inform about promotions and offers or send information to customers, obtaining really interesting conversion results, however, adapting the strategy to a specific segmentation and adapting the message to the medium .

How to design an advertising campaign by SMS

If you have decided to diversify the advertising investment of your company and use SMS you must take into account a number of aspects before launching your campaign , which are the following:

  • Mark a goal What do you want to get? More customers? An increase in sales? You must have a clear objective and as defined as possible.
  • Design a single campaign . Remember that mobile messages only have 160 characters so you should squeeze as much space as you have and bet on simplicity.
  • Offer something of value . Keep in mind that you are sending a message to specific people on your mobile so it must be a very interesting and valuable content so you can attract attention and generate a conversion. To make sure of this point, you must first make a prior segmentation of your ideal clients.
  • Controls the frequency with which messages are sent. It is not advisable to send many messages or very often so as not to disturb the recipient and burn the database.
  • Take data protection into account. Before sending the messages, check that you comply with all the requirements of the Data Protection Law and do not send any message to people who have not expressly authorized it.
  • Measure the results. Setting a specific goal will allow you to measure the results obtained with your campaign. You must measure aspects such as: the number of messages sent and delivered, the conversions made, the number of customers that have been produced, etc. Once you have made the measurements you will be able to know what has worked and what you should modify.

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