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We Remember Better Those Ads That Appear Connected To The Context in Which

One of the topics that marketing and advertising analytics have been investigating on a recurring basis in recent years has been the importance of where brand messages and ads are served.For years, contextual advertising has dominated from a simple basis – at least in essence – about how to serve ads. The algorithms were in charge of choosing the most suitable audiences and presenting the messages to them wherever they were. The ads depended on who was watching them, which made the channel quite irrelevant. The digital medium mattered little, for example, if a person who fit certain traits was reading it.

This has exposed brands to Ukraine Phone Number List many problems, as evidenced by the YouTube case a few years ago (when a journalistic investigation discovered that top brands were advertising with extremist content: the algorithm cared little about the video, only who was watching it. ). Ads could thus become a threat to brand security.But the truth is that while this issue is crucial and worrisome, it is not the only point where ads are placed matters. Different studies have shown that consumers trust more campaigns served in quality media and that the results are different.

The latest study on the question has focused on what happens to memory. Do we remember the ads better according to their context? Their conclusions imply that they do.The analysis has been prepared by Integral Ad Science and Neuro-Insight, using neuroscience techniques. The researchers studied the brain activity of sample subjects while viewing content and advertisements in a mobile environment.

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Their general conclusions indicate, as Warc collects , that the context of the ad increases its memorability by up to 40%. If the ad is served in a well-chosen environment, its weight in the consumer’s memory will be greater. You will remember it better.In general, ads that are matched with content activate 23% more the part of the brain that is associated with remembering the practical details: this increase impacts how the key messages of the ad and its branding elements are remembered. The recall of the ad narrative and its visual and audio elements is potentially even better: activation of the connected part of the brain rises by 27%.

If the context is chosen much more specifically, the results improve more. Advertisements with an informative nature that are positioned accompanying articles whose main theme is precisely that generate a 36% higher activation in the part of the brain devoted to memory.Likewise, the researchers also found that ads that touch on the emotional side have a greater impact if they are connected thematically with the content. Its activation is 40% higher.Therefore, context does not only matter as an alternative after the death of cookies. It also does it as a way to ensure the memory of the ad.

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