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Sancor, a booty of gold that strangely no company wants to

The Rancor brand occupies, for the fourth consecutive year, the podium of the most chosen by Argentine. The company is melted and nobody wants to take over. Rare.The Brand Footprint ranking , the Kantar Worldpanel study that identifies the Malaysia Email Database most popular consumer brands in each country, published its data from Argentina and there it is shown that the Rancor dairy is in the third position.The cooperative capital company that has been selling dairy products for decades in Argentina is in a serious economic crisis and only a sale could save it from bankruptcy.The position in the Kan tar ranking means that whoever stays with the brand will get real loot: it is the THIRD most bought brand in the country, above “monsters” such as Knorr, Mesquites, Ar cor, Natural, Pepsi or Yogurt.Positions in previous years. Sancor has been on the podium since 2014. Source: Kan tar.

For all this, it is strange that no one wants to take over a brand that has this proven potential. More than potential, reality. And the answer is simple: nobody wants to take charge of the company, nor do they know its debts with the dairy farmers or its employees. However, the brand “ranks” very well and surely this will be excellently used by those who take command of the company based in the Argentine dairy basin. But the company is something else and that is where all potential buyers object.

In short, buying Rancor (brand), without buying Rancor (company) is the scenario that (several likely) buyers are waiting to finish the business.Returning SEO EBL to the 2017 ranking, a detail: 9 of the 10 brands that make up the top ten in Argentina correspond to the food and beverage sector: Coca-Cola, La Sereneness, Coca-Cola, San Cor, Kronor, Yogurt, Millay, Mario, Ar cor and Natural. The only “no food” is a household care brand: Ala , which ranks seventh.The brand that climbed the most positions is De la Huerta , from Baguio, which jumped from 31 places to 47. Another Argentine, Manaus , rose 24 places and is located in 24th place.

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