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Twitter Ads is a social advertising tool with fewer options than Google Adwords Buy Greenland Email List or Facebook Ads, however, having an advertising strategy on Twitter can also be beneficial to generate conversions in your ecommerce. If you are not entirely clear what Twitter Ads can do for your business, keep reading this post.

Benefits of social advertising campaigns

Here are all the benefits of doing social media campaigns on Twitter:

  • Allow the segmentation of the public that follows your competition

With Twitter Ads you can make campaigns based on users that follow a certain brand similar to yours . Your brand can benefit from the actions of another, impacting those customers who may become yours if you convince them of the added value and advantages of your company over the competition.Are you looking for a DIGITAL MARKETING consultancy?

  • Improve the closing of sales of opportunities that you thought lost

In advertising, it is important to impact the public at the right time that you have a need to buy, in digital advertising, through a strategy of retargeting is to optimize the investment in advertising to end up closing the sale even if it is not the first impression.

For example, you may have recently received visits from users in your online business, they have filled out a contact form but they have not finalized the purchase. Through advertising on Twitter you can import lists of emails to this platform and launch personalized campaigns with irresistible offers, show related products that may be of interest, reminders of product characteristics, or simply, launch a reminder of the brand. This social is called retargeting.

  • Brand reputation works thanks to Twitter

The number of followers shows a brand status and although it should not be the main objective, any brand is concerned.

Twitter Ads offers you the possibility of a model of payment for each new follower . Of course, once the followers are achieved, do not forget to interact with them and regularly offer them information of interest.

  • Increase the database

With the Twitter Ads platform you can also collect data from your potential customers through registers or questionnaires. Through social media campaigns you will get them to give you their name or email, and thus, be able to increase the database of your company and send newsletters with brand or promotional information, to keep alive the interest for the brand or products. .

  • Advertising strategy by objectives: Download app

As with Facebook Ads, with Twitter you can carry out social media advertising campaigns set by objectives such as downloading an application. Promote your publication and opt for two payment models: pay for each visit to Google Play, or simply for each download of your app. It’s up to you! And remember that of the total number of people using this network, 85% do so from mobile devices. So it’s a good place to advertise downloads.

As you can see, with Twitter Ads you can achieve many of the goals that any online business is:


Win followers

Create a good database

Download an app

Interaction with users in order to create a community and build a good brand image.

If you’re still not convinced about investing in social advertising campaigns, read the article;

How to make your advertising effective

But how do we make Twitter advertising effective? Here are some tricks.

  • Organization of draws

The contests and draws are always very attractive for any user. The use of keywords like “win”, “draw” or “contest” always attract attention.

  • Generate alertness with the power of immediacy

Terms like “only a few hours” or “limited time” provoke a sense of urgency in the user that pushes him to take advantage of running the offer before the end of the term.

  • Promote discounts

Use percentages to promote discounts on products. It is shown that percentages are more effective than quantities. That is, it is better to say “enjoy a 30% discount on your purchase” than “save 30 euros on your purchase”.

  • Always play with the novelty

The word “new” causes a yo-yo effect throughout the world. There is no one who can resist it! With this sure you get the user to look at your campaign, service or product.

  • Include images or gifs in the published tweets

Multimedia content is always much more attractive. The saying goes: “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

  • Send questions to your followers

The questions will make your followers interact with you and feel that their opinion is taken into account. This digital strategy is vital if you want to build a good brand identity in social networks.

In addition, Twitter has a whopping . It is the social network with the slowest growth, but it becomes essential in social media campaigns if your target spends his free time consulting the timeline or creating funny or opinion tweets . This social network is characterized by:

  • The power of information in real time
  • You can exercise as a means of communication for brands. We have an example in companies such as the airline Vueling or stores like Mediamarket that use it as a channel to respond to customers – customer service.

Twitter is a social network with a great vein to be exploited. In it you can bet on any of the campaigns we’ve talked about, or even combine different types of ads. Do you think investing in social advertising on Twitter can be interesting for your business?will advise you on which campaigns on Twitter are in line with your business objectives.

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