The 3 type emails that you should NEVER miss in your email marketing plan if you have an eCommerce- From others company’s

Increase sales is not easy. It never has been and never will be.

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In we Indonesia Email List understand the difficulties of achieving the alchemical formula capable of turning the user into a consumer, but it is important not to falter. The fruit of the sale requires time and mime , but if these conditions are the sales of your ecommerce will start to fall of mature.

A flexible and accurate will be responsible for the sales explosion. An online store has as many advantages as lacks in front of a physical store. One of the biggest is the treatment given to the potential client, formal but distant. An ecommerce has difficulties to connect and make visible its more human side since the client does not perceive the gestures, mood or smile of the person who attends to him.Discover our EMAIL MARKETING service 

An email marketing plan can be cold only if you allow it. That’s where the perfect automation of your according to a very different number of registered users , with a multitude of variables that you must anticipate, understand and correspond to. There are very good tools to play such a role, but your role in the work is important.

Before starting with the configuration of an email marketing plan for ecommerce that got to the heart or, at least, generated a positive feeling in the user, we would recommend the use of services such as very complete and with a good value for money.

Email marketing plan: welcome email

When your ecommerce receives a new registration it is time to celebrate. Seriously, do not underestimate the importance of the first email you will send. Imagine entering through the door of a grocery store, what do you expect to receive? Surely the clerk will greet you and ask you with a smile if you want something.

This does not mean anything, no advantage is acquired because as a rule the behaviors are similar; there is no differential factor. However, the clerk will enjoy an interaction with the user continued so during the sales process can find links in common with the customer, say some occurrence or even a compliment. A good dependent will work the emotional factor to make the sale more likely .

An effective email marketing plan must have a deep filtering of all its registered users through lead nurturing and lead scoring , but a team behind it is needed to manage that. A team of email marketing professionals offers everything from consulting to the development and management of everything involved in a mailing plan adapted to the needs of your business.

If you are just in your adventure or you are an ecommerce with family roots, we advise you first to try to understand the user that has registered and give him what he expects in a way that he does not expect .

So, be creative with your welcome email , after all it is the first and last you could be sending. Be different and surprise. The fooling starts

Email marketing plan: mail “at your service”

While the first email serves to thank the registration and be known beyond the product or service you want to sell, we will use it as a reminder of “Hey we are here for you, do not forget it”. Sending it within 24 to 48 hours after registration is convenient.

Offer a discount code, a promotion …, whatever it is but stay unique. Show that you are at your entire disposal for any questions you may have, it gives you facilities to contact you, make it very easy and try to leave a positive footprint of your ecommerce.

Email marketing plan: mail “at your service 2”, “at your service 3” … And more

The line to follow must be the same. If you find it difficult to write or “interpret” we recommend using the services of a web copywriter .

The composition of the texts is what will make you grow in sales, how much? That will depend on your expertise writing for and for your target, offering a different treatment and experience that goes beyond a discount here and a promotion over there.

Email marketing plan: mail “I will not betray your trust”

We have achieved it! After sending one, two, three or seven emails the user has matured enough to become a customer. The bond that you have created has been strong enough to withstand the tension of purchase (understand doubts, fears, better offers …), you already have your money and he expects the desired product to arrive. Now it is necessary to leave a good taste in the mouth to the buyer and try to build loyalty.

To do this we must customize our confirmation and shipping emails. Keep in mind that the user who buys in your ecommerce probably already bought in many other places so he will be immunized to the same chant, accustomed to a confirmation emails and sending too hackneyed. You will understand that the purchase process has ended satisfactorily and will wait for the arrival of your product, without further ado.

The user is already a customer; That’s where you can not fail. Shows skill in your content and above all informs but offers something different. Make it clear that the purchase process has been carried out correctly and that within X days the desired product will be delivered to the postal address that the user has provided. But it also includes some discount offer for related products, a coupon valid only for a couple of days ( a user who has already bought you will always be closer to doing it again ) or inform you that due to the purchase you have just made you will enjoy of advantages and promotions in the future.

Always appreciate and be helpful. The confirmation emails are inspected by the client with special attention because they want to be sure that the given information is correct; product and conditions .

Work harder than the rest and draw up a filtered and effective email marketing plan .

Defer to your competence and excel. Try to see.

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