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What is the impact of behavioral marketing on marketers?

Behavioral marketing is the practice of creating ads or content based on consumer actions and attitudes, that is, when brands seek to define user behavior.Behavioral marketing is the practice of creating ads or content based on consumer Maldives Email List actions and attitudes, that is, when brands seek to define user behavior.According to the Marketing-commerce portal, user behavior is obtained through a big data analysis, which includes web analytics, cookies, browser histories, social data, IP addresses, among others.With this, brands seek to move beyond generic messages and improve the creation of products for potential consumers.For Carola Fernandez, loyalty programs are a common practice that add value to the brand, position them better, and generate loyal consumers to companies, while being a profitable scheme for the company.

According to Chanel Marketing specialist from Swardovski, Ana Laura Beltrán, technology should give the potential to deliver different web experiences. In addition, the great advantage of this type of marketing is to make the customer feel that e-commerce has “known him for a lifetime”.For Laura, perception in marketing is another tool to meet “potential customers”. Among the behavioral benefits are the relevance of digital content, efficiency in ad spend, an improved ROI, a centralized database.

Market segmentation is understood as the division into groups, where marketing strategies must create specialized criteria to create consumer loyalty SEO EBL to brands. This is how Cinema’s marketing director, Carola Fernandez, understands it.The companies that exercise the most effective segmentation in their marketing strategies belong to the film industry, such as Cinemex and Cinépolis, the former being the one that designed “mini-cinemas”, that is, smaller rooms and fewer numbers.Effective segmentation also uses loyalty programs as marketing strategies, which consist of keeping a company’s customers through incentives, which are designed in such a way that the customer will return.And it is that the search for loyalty must offer sufficiently attractive incentives for consumers. In addition, loyalty programs aimed at customers must have a clear objective, a clear action to take, as well as have the impression of being ahead of time before starting.

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