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Where Do Most Children See Advertising

The hot topic when talking about children, screens and consumption in the 90s was that of the high violence of cartoons. The next hot topic – or perhaps the one that went in parallel – was that the little ones spent too much time in front of the television.Television was taking hours and hours of her time, so much so that there was talk of how she had become a kind of babysitter. While the children were viewing pictures, they also ended up seeing advertisements. The children’s schedule was the advertisers’ direct route to reach them.

Although advertising to the Vietnam Phone Number List youngest is a tricky subject – it has legal and one could even say moral implications – brands, especially those in some sectors, have been doing it for decades, even centuries. Children are the ones who make their parents buy all kinds of products and positioning themselves before them is crucial. But how should brands do it right now?From the outset, one might wonder if the children of 2021 move in environments as advertising as those of 1995. In the last season of American upfronts, comedian Jimmy Kimmel joked that children no longer know what advertisements are.

His joke was an exaggeration, of course, but it started from a certain reality: children consume a lot of content on streaming platforms, which makes their relationship with ads different . They know that they are something annoying and they know, as a 5-year-old girl explained to us then, that it is something that appears on mobile devices.And that’s where this connects to the new data. Children are now no longer exposed to television advertising. In any case, if they see ads, they see them on YouTube. It makes sense: consumption of linear television has plummeted and the younger generations are the leaders.

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The television minutes of a preschool, her mother explains, are not from what they see on TV, but from a series taken from the Kids part of a streaming platform. There are zero ads.Most of the ads kids do see are getting on YouTube. An American study has given him figures. The statistic , produced by Precise TV and Giraffe Insights, has asked a sample of children ages 2 to 12 and their parents where they have seen or heard advertising recently. Although the data is from the US, it serves as a guide to understand what is happening beyond that market.

Thus, YouTube dominates overwhelmingly. 70% of respondents indicate that this is where they saw / heard an ad. The number is the majority and is light years away from the next most popular advertising spaces.36% acknowledge that they saw advertisements on television, 32% on VoD services and 18% on online videos (excluding YouTube). Following them are 17% who saw them on social networks, 14% who were on gaming and 12% on the radio.YouTube had already become – as previous studies have shown – one of the favorite platforms for this demographic. Now, what is clear is that for them to see advertising there is no choice but to go through it.

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