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Currently, access to Web sites is made from a variety of devices: 
Guam Email List desktops or laptops, tablets, iPads, smartphones, etc. The meaning of having a responsive Web page, is that it adapts to the sizes and peculiarities of these devices, a growing need to retain the public.

The positioning in search engines depends on algorithms of the great Google giant, for that reason, before going to the advice of SEO mobile, we do a review of the new that all web must apply.
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Trends in SEO for this year 2017

The year 2016 was one of many changes in the world of SEO, among the most important innovations that were evolving in that year and are taking hold in the present 2017 are:

  • Voice searches

Voice searches did not appear last year, but they became more popular and their use is increasing each time. The future involves the progressive elimination of the keys when carrying out searches.

Users who access the Internet from their mobile devices and through the most used operating systems (Android and iOs), prefer to perform their tasks through voice. The searches are done in a different way, the keywords are more specific, and the tone of them more colloquial.

The most used tools of keyword research are adding, little by little, modules of keywords in the form of questions.

  • User experience, CTR metric

Google gives more and more importance to the user experience (UX) through CTR evaluation systems , basically it is the percentage of clicks that a Web page can receivein the results of Google. If the percentage is higher than what Google estimates, the website will be well positioned.

  • SEO on page

Throughout the past year 2016 the oscillation of SEO on page was quite clear. In the same way that it can offer good results, it can also be the case to generate terrible results.

Gone are the times in which the repetition of keywords was prioritized in the texts, without more. The density of number of keywords per number of words in the text was high. Nowadays, Google even penalizes these practices, and the importance is in the naturalness in the content, the use of synonyms, the semantic richness, etc.

  • Rank Brain

It is an algorithm that is used in Google and that evolves over time, based on your experiences. Rank Brain will “learn” from those factors that get Web pages to get better results and that is what will be considered as more important.

  • The implementation of Penguin 4.0

An algorithm that is based on the so-called link building , that is, one of the keys to SEO that aims to position a Web page by generating links to it.


The security in the network is one of the aspects that concern Google the most and the HTTPS security protocol is the means for the pages that work with forms, data and user information , etc., to do so through this secure protocol . It is about getting more and more websites to migrate to HTTPS.

  • SEO mobile

The Webs must be adaptable and provide the same aesthetics and functionality on the PC and The use of the Internet on the mobile phone is on the rise, and Google increasingly attaches importance to mobile SERPS.

Optimization of a Web for mobile. Responsive website design and SEO mobile

The first is to make an assessment of the cost in time and resources represented by creating a mobile version for a Web, in addition to analyzing the percentage of users who enter the Web through mobile devices . If this percentage is high or growing, it is interesting to develop a mobile version of the Web.

From Google they recommend adapting a Web for mobile devices since it is a trend of the future that achieves improvements in positioning thanks to a responsive web design . With this, the content will be displayed correctly and without problems, regardless of the type of screen used.

There are many aspects to consider, from duplicate content, alternate media tags, redirections, buttons that lead to the previous or home page, a coherent design throughout the site, etc.

The loading speed is a fundamental issue. In October 2015, Google launched the AMP project, which consists of using a very small HTML code and ensuring that Web pages have more upload and browsing speed, by accessing them through a mobile device. Some factors also influence, such as the size of the images. The smaller the load, the faster the loading process, and avoid redirects that are not essential.

Some tips on mobile SEO

  • The positioning of Web pages is even more important in mobile SEO than in PC. The possibility of users moving down in the search results is lower , among other things, by the smaller size of the screens. Going down from the first position to the fourth in the search results, you can decrease the percentage of clicks by 90%. So you’re interested in being first on the list!
  • The location and local SEO are crucial for Google.
  • The responsive design is the key for the contents to reach the public. The elements of the Web must be integrated in the width of each device, and that the reading be pleasant, providing a good experience to the user. Responsive design will reduce development times , avoid duplicate content and increase the viral content, to be able to share more quickly and naturally.
  • The keywords and the long tail concept change in the case of mobiles. It’s about basing SEO optimization on shorter keywords and taking into account voice searches.

The process to implement a responsive Web

There are different ways to have a responsive Web:

  • Develop a mobile version that is one hundred percent independent of the main Web. With this modality, improvements are obtained in the load types and the speed of the site, among other things because the different elements can be optimized separately.
  • The use of a responsive template for the entire Web. In this case, the templates detect the size of each screen and adapt the content, to achieve a more fluid, easy and intuitive navigation.
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