Killer Ways To An Email Marketing List

If you really want to have an email marketing list on steroids, you’re going to want to know three key tips. Using Cocos Islands Keelings Email List forum marketing, article marketing, and Squid will help you build a list quickly. I will explain the details about how to use these three methods to build your list so you can get started with marketing to subscribers.

Forums are websites that feature message boards where people interested in a particular topic can post about that topic and interact with others. These are the perfect place to market your product. In many forums you are allowed to have a signature, which is a short message that is under your posts. In your signature message, put something about an offer you have, and when people click that offer, they can sign up for your list.

In your author resource box put a link to a landing page where people can sign up for your list. The more articles you write, the more traffic you get. And the more traffic you get, the more people who join your list.Squid is SEO EBL one of the popular web 2.0 properties out there. It is free to build a Squid lens, which is a mini website. You sign up, and then build a site about the topic of your choice. The search engines love Squid, so it ranks well. Use that ranking power to your advantage and build a site that links to your landing page. That means more list subscribers for you.

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