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3 Tips For Digital Marketing For SMEs

Thanks to the evolution of social networks, these platforms are essential when creating a new company; For this reason, SMEs should bet on digital marketing , since it is a tool that will help them establish direct contact with their consumers via the internet.The digital marketing enables small and medium enterprises have a closer relationship with your target audience. In this idea, we share three tips for SMEs seeking to enter the internet for the first time, according to information from the socialmedia today site.

For most small and medium-sized companies, the internet is a new communication channel that is used to reach their target market.In this idea, the basic concepts of marketing should be used, that is, identify your target audience in order to answer the following questions: where do I locate my audience? What will I offer so that they can relate to my brand via the internet?

Being on social media is Tokelau Email Database building relationships and gaining visibility within your target audience. Although it is necessary to get a good number of followers, the important thing is that SMEs have a closer contact with their audience.That way, your audience is more interested in your brand and will share information about your product, make good comments and earn their preference over your competitors.

For the success of internet marketing, SMEs have to develop a solid plan, where they evaluate their results and if it is necessary to modify their activities. Specialists recommend that this plan be flexible, that is, capable of adapting to the constant changes and evolution of the internet.In this idea, small and medium-sized companies must identify which platforms are the best for their brand or product.

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Tweet pee, an app that alerts you when the diaper is dirty

For the parents of a newborn, one of their main concerns is to make sure that their child’s diaper is clean. In this idea, the Ogilvy agency in Brazil together with the Huggies brand launched an app that alerts parents when it is necessary to change their child’s diaper.More and more brands are using the technology offered by apps to promote their products. Thus, Huggies in Brazil launched the Tweet pee , a gadget that alerts parents by means of a tweet when their babies have a dirty diaper.

To use it, a sensor is attached to the diaper, which identifies the humidity and sends a message to the parents’ smartphone. It also lets you know how many diapers have been used and when to buy more.

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