3D Printers Promise Pizza To Astronauts

Technology advances by leaps and bounds and we can see it well with the well-known 3D printers. These devices have been used to create objects such as cell phone cases, weapons, cars, or even prosthetics for the disabled, sugar sculptures, body parts. Now NASA has a new challenge: creating food.Controversy has been the short life that this printer has had. 3D printers are capable of making all kinds of objects, which is a potential danger if it’s in the wrong hands. It has already been practically proven that this device is capable of creating weapons, real and deadly.

NASA is already working on a new project, which seeks to make the work easier and more pleasant for space workers, who must travel for very long periods of time. The main idea is to be able, through 3D printing, to create pizzas or other rich foods in just a few minutes. For that they have to develop ingredients that will last at least 15 years.

To make this possible, they Morocco Email List are working with the company “Systems & Materials Research”, located in Texas, United States, which has been entrusted with a complex task. They will have to make the world’s first Pizza 3D printer.However, all these tests are part of the experiments carried out by experts to be able to verify the great capacity that this ‘new’ invention has, it goes without saying that it is not easy to use it correctly.

Are you a Community Manager? 100 useful tools for you

All the time we say that the role of the Community Manager requires, among other things, the ability and interest to constantly learn. And although we have insisted that the dynamics of social networks and Social Media in general is so fast that the books do not contain current material, there are some exceptions. One of them is precisely a free work carried out in collaboration with Spanish students and teachers. Anti Romero , professor of digital marketing at the Delta Training Institute in Barcelona, ​​edited this book based on the experience of his students – the first generation who took the course “Communication and Advertising Marketing 2.0” – in order to share the discoveries together and that could be useful for those who work as Community Manager or who are interested in the subject.

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It is about 100 tools that include content management, measurements and information analysis among others and that will serve, not only for those who are beginning in this profession but for all those who are interested in reviewing concepts that are sometimes left aside.

The truth is qu3, if we look, the network is an inexhaustible source of training material on marketing and digital marketing , but since we know that time is money, we recommend this publication today for a very simple reason, if brevity. One of the peculiarities of the text is that the information is condensed into only forty-two pages, which are divided into 6 actions: talk, build, create, energize, measure and analyze.

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