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In the coffee market, retail companies account for 70 percent of consumption.The coffee market in the world has millionaire income and is one of the canada business email database most successful, its consumption increases 0.4 percent annually, according to data from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation (FAO) .In retail, the most benefited companies are Starbucks, which owns 42.6 percent of the participation, Café Punta del Cielo has 12.9 percent and The Italian Coffee Company, with 11 percent.As for instant coffee, it could reach sales in Mexico for this 2017 for 578 million dollars, according to projections with figures from Statista and INEGI.In the adverse scenario, Myers and his team cautioned that heavy drinking is a contributing factor to depression and dysphoria (a state of irritability, anxiety, and restlessness), hypertension, and sperm DNA damage.

And it is that it is a key drink in companies , most of the employees in the world drink it, yes for pleasure, but also because caffeine causes a boost to productivity.
Although many take it with caution, fearing they won’t sleep at night or upset their nervous system, scientists focused on studying its effects, and research led by Esther Myers, a systematic analysis specialist for the International Life Sciences Institute, yielded good results. news for lovers of said drink.

They reviewed more than 700 studies on SEO EBL caffeine intake and this led to the conclusion that 400 milligrams of caffeine per day (four cups of coffee) is a safe amount for most adults.That is, this amount will not improve or worsen the health of those who drink it, while it will help those who are sleepy to better attend to their work in the office.In addition, pregnant women should never exceed their consumption of 300 milligrams.

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