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Phishing is characterized by using the official image of a financial institution and its objective is to steal personal information from Internet users.The number of users on the social network could reach 2.5 billion worldwide by 2017, according to Costa Rica Email List e Marketer estimates.Its influence not only reaches advertising but also marketing because sometimes it negatively impacts the reputation of brands, due to scammers.Such is the case of the following Phishing cases that both brands and consumers must take into account, the former to inform their customers and the latter to protect themselves.Recently a message came to users, with the legend: “Netflix is ​​offering a year of free access” on WhatsApp . The issuer asks to send it to 10 contacts, obviously enter the link and provide personal data to carry out the promotion, which was actually Phishing. Given this, the user should not open unknown links or provide data.Given this, the consumer must remain vigilant and avoid providing information of a personal nature.

Kaspersky Lab detected the scam in which they offer to “try and win” brand coffee machines to certain WhatsApp users, but what is behind it is a website trying to install an adware program , which forces the user to see advertisements in the infecting device.There is an email in which they pose as Citibanamex , notifying the user that for security reasons their account was blocked and asking them to verify their identity through a link that directs to a false electronic portal. Already in the portal, hackers try to obtain name, address, personal identification number (PIN), bank account number of credit or debit cards, passwords and all kinds of personal data, in order to commit fraud.

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The agency specified that the message informs users that their “customer code was temporarily blocked” and asks them to enter a league to “reactivate” it.In this case, a hacker sends a document to an undetermined number of users by email SEO EBL who, without realizing it, open the link and through this their personal information is left vulnerable.It is worth mentioning that phishing is characterized because it comes in the form of mass emails; use the official image of a financial institution; the message indicates transfers withheld for large amounts or that user information needs to be updated; they contain links that lead to a fake site, and finally, they request personal data.

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