Companies Will Increase Their Investment In Digital Marketing

Proclientia, a company specialized in SaaS services and solutions, presents in Spain a study carried out by its partner ExactTarget and by Econsultancy among more than 1,000 companies and marketing agencies. According to it, the shift in marketing budgets from traditional channels to digital channels will continue to increase in 2010. In fact, 46% of companies plan to increase their spending on Marketing during 2010, and even a higher percentage ( 66%) will increase their investment in digital marketing channels. According to the study, 28% of companies are already shifting part of their budget from traditional channels to digital marketing. Part of the reason for this change is that companies find it easier to measure the impact of their campaigns on these channels. Companies that focus on analyzing brand reputation as a measure of the effectiveness of a marketing campaign are the most likely to switch from traditional media campaigns to digital marketing.

Not surprisingly, since marketers Belarus Phone Numbers List targeting this indicator are the fastest increasing their investment in media such as Facebook and Twitter, the study now reported by Proclientia also points out that although, in theory, marketing managers have The more difficult it is to measure the return on investment in Social Media and Mobile Marketing actions, these channels are the ones that will grow the most in Marketing budgets this year. Another data that the study throws up is that 64% of companies will increase their budget for SEO actions, while 54% will increase the money allocated to email marketing campaigns. Only 3% of companies will reduce their budget for any of these areas.

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Finally, two other aspects that the report highlights are that while 40% of the companies surveyed indicate that the cut in budgets is the main barrier to carry out digital marketing actions, 48% of the marketing agencies that participated in the The study pointed out as the main cause the lack of understanding on the part of the companies about what these actions mean.

Ads and Virtual Advertising in the world of “Google Street View”

Google could start introducing “digitally overlay” ads on Street View buildings and billboards thanks to a new patent.The patent, granted on January 7 under the name: “Real Estate Claim in panoramic or 3D mapping environments for advertising” will be the basis for launching the technology and potential of a software capable of identifying different surfaces, posters and billboards through Google Street View, thus offering brands and advertisers the possibility of advertising by replacing these surfaces with their own advertisements.To test this new technology, Google will carry out a series of initial practical applications as an example of its use and integration. One of them will be to use this software to recognize the posters of a theater, being able to replace their information so that your billboard advertisements are constantly updated with new promotions.

The implementation of this new technology will make it possible to highlight and recognize the different points of interest and advertisements in the Google Street View images, in turn being able to provide related information or links.Faced with this new horizon of advertising possibilities, unknowns and questions arise in relation to the operation of the acquisition and contracting of these new spaces that, according to the patent, could be established through auctions in which the owners of the “surfaces or physical properties could even intervene claimed real “.Although all this corresponds to the basic concept developed and detailed in this new patent, for the moment, this is undoubtedly one more among thousands of ideas commonly developed and of which not all manage to mature to give way to new products or real services.

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