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80% of Marketing Professionals Bet on Affiliation

61% of those surveyed claim to have used affiliate marketing as a marketing tool for results, according to data from the report developed by the specialized company Public-Idées.We are currently witnessing the evolution of advertising formats in favor of a greater return on investment of marketing budgets. This factor makes online marketing and particularly affiliate programs a decisive tool in dealing with the pessimism that has gripped the advertising sector in the last year.

So much so that online advertising investment continues to grow, registering an increase of 700 million at the end of last year according to a study by Price Waterhouse-Coopers. This evolution draws three different lines between online advertising by CPM, the search engine model and sponsored links and marketing to the result. As regards the first, it is inspired by traditional advertising, requiring payment in advance, with no guarantee of results. Sponsored links require paying for traffic without the certainty of converting into the final goal, while marketing to the result enhances the visibility of the actors present on the Web, offering controlled budget management and paying only the desired action (a registration, A purchase…). It is in this period of crisis,

In order to understand the Croatia Phone Numbers List needs and preferences of marketers, Public Idées, a specialist marketing company for results, has carried out a study among 1,000 marketers about the rise of affiliate tools. The data obtained attempts to reveal the role affiliate marketing plays in times of crisis.During the last year, advertising companies have seen significant cuts in their marketing budgets. However, although the first measure is always the reduction of investment, one wonders the origin of the problem. More and more marketers adjust their budgets based on profitability and ROI justification, abandoning old budgeting trends.

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This vision is evident in 80% of marketing professionals who bet on affiliation, as one of the most effective tools. This profitability is a principle that these professionals acquire and make affiliate marketing an effective solution. So much so that 61% of the professionals surveyed claim to have already put affiliate marketing into practice as an investment tool.Taking into account the instability of the current economic context, the flexibility and ROI that it offers to the advertiser, stand out as the keys that differentiate affiliate marketing from the rest of investment management tools. Advertisers are taking good note of this, specifically 67% of those surveyed claim to have increased investment in marketing to the result during the last year.

Adapting to change is essential to survive and grow within this turbulent period, setting goals beyond the prompt result. In fact, 61% of those surveyed say they have an affiliate marketing campaign planned for the next year.The long-term vision is applied in a structural way, that is, professionals see the source of long-term success. The term itself is defined as the disbursement of resources to obtain durable goods. It is logical then that 50% of the professionals surveyed bet on long-term affiliate campaigns.

Contrary to the traditional medium campaigns used to give visibility in a defined period, affiliate marketing works in the long term and enters into the logic of a virtual network of sellers. For that reason, it takes time to select, recruit, and turn supporters into the best allies. According to the data revealed by the study, 50% of the professionals who sell online opt for long-term campaigns as the most effective tool.

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Once again, the data reveals the rise of affiliate marketing in response to cuts in marketing budgets as a result of the economic crisis. In addition, the ease of use of these tools and the popularization of the online medium compared to the offline one, are also favoring the health of this new concept of marketing. Public Idées responds to this trend by offering its experience and new tools that, for example, allow advanced use of advertisers’ product catalogs with XML, one of the aspects that position it as a benchmark in affiliate marketing. Also always looking for quality, proposing a network where all affiliates are manually validated to propose campaigns with optimal traffic. This position encourages the attraction of advertisers,

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