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The phenomenon of viralization can be inexplicable for many (including those who write), since the attention that videos like the one discussed below get, border on the absurd and even more so if it is possible to earn huge amounts of money. , as it seems will happen with Jared Frank, the protagonist of this one.Create your CV with a 波兰电话号码表 LEGO figure and go viral “Unsung Hero”, beautiful viral from Thai insurance company Pussy Riot and Hillary Clinton, viral marketing on social networksLast week, Frank posted a video in which you can see how he is recorded in front of a train tracks during his vacation in Peru, precisely when the railway is about to pass. Just then it is possible to see how the boy’s head is pushed by something (the video lasts 9 seconds) that when paying attention and freezing the image, is seen as the driver’s foot, intentionally hitting the head.

According to Frank, he wanted to take a photo at a safe distance (an unbelievable statement when viewing the images), but he would have ‘miscalculated’ the proximity of the train, which does not mean that he agrees with this type of aggression, even though it would be possible suppose that it was a way of getting the boy away from the tracks so as not to run over him, since his closeness was evident if the driver could reach him without difficulty with his foot.For all the above and for those unknown reasons of the ‘universe’ of viralization, comments and video have been so striking, that in 10 days it is close to 31 million visits.

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And that is where the money appears, since Frank (who in the video appears as Jared Michael), has confirmed to CBC News, that he has agreed to work with the Junkin Media agency, of California, to obtain between 2 and 16 dollars 搜索引擎优化 per 1,000 visits, which could bring you, according to calculations made by the media, between 30 and 250 thousand dollars.All to risk getting his head kicked (or something much more serious), while they filmed him very close to a running train. The lesson? Record reckless ideas, that if you are lucky and go viral, you can make money …

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