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Aaap Introduces Five New Workshops

Through its Professional Training area, the Argentine Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAP) starts five new workshops: Digital Creativity, Urban Art and Advertising, Illustrator and PhotoShop, Photography and The Art of Communication: What do you do after saying “ Hello”?

Given the growing demands for El Salvador Phone Number List training received from social and business areas, the entity opens new training workshops to the market, aimed at all those interested in acquiring new tools and keeping up with the latest trends that are marking different areas of marketing and advertising communications. .

In May, the Illustrator and PhotoShop workshops begin, by Gabriel Arcieri, Urban Art and Advertising, dictated by Diego Rojo, Creatividad Digital, with Pablo Enríquez as teacher, and The Art of Communication: What do you do after saying “Hello” ?, by Sandra Goronas. In June, the Photography workshop starts, with Csaba Herke.

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