Advertisers Are Already Burning Gen Z on Social Media With Excessive Ads

Reaching Generation Z is one of the great obsessions of brands. The millennial are no longer young , leaving room for a new generation. As with their older brothers, brands have had to forget what they had learned and investigate again how to position themselves in the market and what avenues to follow to connect with these audiences.The Z are not in mainstream media, so advertising in those settings has lost weight and you could almost say that it made sense. Advertisers have taken refuge on the internet and on social media.Organic content is one of the ways to reach these consumers, but since the algorithms of social networks make achieving it without going through the box very complicated, advertising is also very present. Ads are key to impacting those audiences.

But the truth is that, as they are doing right now, advertisers and social networks are simply Qatar Phone Number List burning their audience. Young people are fed up with the number of advertisements that serve them and the type of advertisements used to reach them.The most tragic thing is that, in addition, young people are quite receptive to advertising, that they understand that it has a role. Brands have a receptive public potential, but they are losing it by not doing things well.

That’s what the latest study on the Unidays question shows. Nearly half of Gen Z members are theoretically ad-minded. 49% say they don’t care about Qatar Phone Number List

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