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Advertising In Video Games Will Bill Billion

The video game industry is experiencing a new revolution where advertising plays a leading role. And forecasts cannot give us better data.A new study developed by the firm DFC Intelligence indicates that by 2016 the video game industry will have a turnover of 7.2 billion dollars through advertising.As reported by meristation, the portal specialized in video games, “one of the main conclusions of the study is that the use of advertising in video games is below the possibilities of the medium, not taking advantage of the format and its possibilities”.

This suggests that the video China Phone Number List game industry could find in advertising a new sustainable pillar for its business model, since thanks to the use of technology and the current internet connection, companies and brands can introduce advertising messages’ in -game ‘in real time and even in a segmented and personalized way.Brands seek new consumers through Marketing and Advertising in Videogames

It is evident that marketing and advertising in the video game market is raising more and more interest among advertisers as a support for the promotion of advertising campaigns. Many companies and brands know that mass channels are increasingly saturated and the search for new formulas to reach the user and the consumer make video games both offline and online an ideal channel to promote their products and advertising campaigns.

In addition to this, the technology and characteristics of current video games allow operating on these supports under a “multimedia and interactive” experience capable of generating a continuous exposure of users to the advertised brands.

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It is important to note that this type of advertising has benefited from a significant change in the habits and trends of users who are fans of video games with a profile that has evolved by increasing their average age above 35 years, which implies that The target audience for Marketing and advertising campaigns is much broader than 5 years ago.

In addition, the extension of the video game market is spreading rapidly towards the Internet, as shown by recent studies that indicate that online games are already the favorite pastime of Internet users.However, despite the advantages and benefits of video games as an advertising medium, DFC Intelligence considers that advertisers are not taking advantage of their full potential.

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