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Advertising Investment Grows 15.5% in the First Nine Months

In the first nine months of the year, advertising investment has grown by 15.5% compared to the equivalent period of the previous year, showing a figure of 3,754.4 million euros, compared to 3,250.3 million in the period January-September of 2020. In the specific case of September, investment would have grown by 7.2%, from 471.9 million euros in 2020 to 505.8 million in September 2021.

As a reminder to point out that the data in this press release includes those media and supports not directly controlled by InfoAdex based on declarative data from the advertising market. For this reason, the data presented here may not coincide with those obtained from the tools that InfoAdex makes available to users of their information. The media most affected by this measure are Radio, Exterior and Digital, the latter due to the inclusion of data from Search and Social Networks.

Digital , which occupies the Malta Phone Number List first position by volume of advertising investment, has experienced an increase of 17.1%, obtaining 1,726.9 million euros in the first nine months of the year. Within Digital, the best performance has been Websites , a medium that grew by 30.0% its volume of advertising investment, going from 521.3 million euros to 677.6 million during the period analyzed. Social Networks , increases its figure by 14.5% with an investment of 458.5 million compared to the 400.6 million euros it obtained in the same period of 2020. Search also increases its investment figure by 6.9% , and reaches a volume in the first nine months of the year of 590.7 million euros.

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As it did before with bookmakers and online gambling, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs is now working to limit how the advertising of so-called junk food can be and how and where it can be advertised.Consumption plans a royal decree that will regulate the advertisements of this type of products and that will affect not only traditional media – such as television – but also digital ones. The regulations want to regulate how this type of ads can be served on social networks and thus limit their impact on the child population.

The ministry’s forecast, as El Periodic has advanced , is that the normative proposal is ready between the end of this year and the beginning of next. Right now, Consumption is still working on the issue and maintaining contacts with the industry. In addition, even when the normative project is in, it would still have to go through different procedures. It would still have to be approved by the Council of Ministers.

What will change the norm? Possibly, of the adjustments published by EPE , the most important change is the one that will affect social networks. Right now, these are outside the regulatory framework – the one that prevents, for example, showing this type of ads during children’s hours on TV – and with the new rule they would be regulated. The big question is how.

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