Advertising Media That “Watch” And Analyze The Consumer

The new formulas and advertising media are evolving making the most of all the advantages and advances of new technologies, and even in many of these cases, the most innovative proposals may turn out to be more typical of science fiction, although their application is already a true reality.Proof of Algeria Mobile Number List this are the new digital advertising media that in Japan have begun to use experimentally in different shopping centers and that use technology and software for facial recognition in order to identify different patterns and the profile of consumers to direct their advertising. in a segmented and personalized way.

This system, developed by the NEC company, has the ability to analyze pedestrians close to its location to identify both sex and approximate age among other data, with a high percentage (85-90%) of reliability and effectiveness. Data that the system uses intelligently to target advertising based on each profile.The applications of this new innovation are multiple. Proof of this is the arrival on the Japanese market of new vending machines that use this type of technology to offer or suggest certain products to consumers based on sex, age or other criteria analyzed.

However, faced with this new advertising and technological innovation, fears have arisen again regarding personal information and privacy, and the possibility that these types of devices may use consumer images to be stored or cataloged.For Marc Rosenberg, director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), a Washington-based research center that aims to protect privacy, “Companies are increasingly impatient to reach us, and once these practices are become common will be difficult to change. ”

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In this sense, the company NEC insists that consumers should not fear this new advertising and technological innovation since the integrated system “does not store the images, only the analyzed results”, so there should be no concern regarding to aspects and issues related to the privacy of consumers.It is evident that these aspects can be decisive for the success of this type of interactive and intelligent advertising media, which have now set their sights beyond the borders of the Asian continent to expand and reach Europe.

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