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Advertising Uses Augmented Reality

Universal McCann revolutionizes the world of advertising by incorporating “Augmented Reality” in an advertisement for the first time in Spain. A formula based on the fusion of virtual worlds with reality to increase interaction with users.Universal McCann takes a step forward in the evolution of the advertising sector and presents the new possibilities offered by the incorporation of Augmented Reality technologies to the world of communication media.Augmented Reality provides the consumer with a new and different experience by combining reality with images and virtual objects that interact with the consumer in real time and in three dimensions.

Augmented reality consists of Honduras Cell Phone Numbers List set of devices that add virtual information to existing physical information. This is the main difference with virtual reality, since it does not replace physical reality, but rather superimposes computer data to the real world.Ads that use this Augmented Reality perfectly meet the four basic requirements of effective advertising: allow consumer interaction; the personalization of the content; that the results are measurable in real time and, finally, the effect of surprise and fascination they produce is such that they increase the memory of the advertising action “, said Mónica Deza, CEO of Universal McCann during her presentation to the media .

Digital Signage: discovering the innovations of Digital Advertising

Digital Signage is one of the fastest growing markets today, becoming a tool to entertain, inform and influence customers and / or employees of companies If we have ever wondered about innovations and new formats advertising of the future we would undoubtedly be surprised to learn about many of the new proposals and creative ideas that are being presented in this sector. Bordering on the futuristic reality of mythical science fiction films, Digital Signage immerses us in a world where the atmosphere of “Blade Runner” could seem more like a thing of a distant past and proof of this we could see in TOTAL MEDIA 2008, the first International Exhibition of Digital Signage, Digital Signage, New Media, Dynamic Marketing, Mobile and Proximity held in Madrid last September. Broadly speaking, we could define Digital Signage as “a set of computer technologies and solutions that allow the creation, distribution and publication of advertising, promotional and / or informative content, through the use of electronic devices to display content in a dynamic way and in real time, at one or multiple points of sale for a specific audience ” . And is that the solutions provided by Digital Signage are not just limited to the advertising market, there is a whole world of possibilities in the field of communication in capital letters.

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In Spain, there are already many companies that have corporate channels to provide information, entertainment and training to their employees.Traditional advertising is fragmented through many media, more competitive with each other, due to the many television and radio networks, which means a way to avoid ads. A trend that has been seen in the case of the British television channel ITV, which in the United Kingdom obtained a massive decrease of 9.6% in the first half of 2007. The Digital Signage offers an alternative that improves the qualities of three of the most powerful media: television, outdoor and POS (Point of Sale) Digital Signage is above the fast growing advertising sectors as it offers brands, agencies and media owners of the same style a very powerful visual form of television.

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