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The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games have not yet been held but the International Olympic Committee (IOC) – faithful to tradition – has already announced the official venues for the next two summer Olympic cycles, they will be Paris 2024 and Los list of hr emails in dubai Angeles 2028 … will it be an agreement? friendly?The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games have not yet been held but the International Olympic Committee (IOC) – faithful to tradition – has already decided the official venue for the next summer Olympic cycle, but this time it is surprising that there are two: Paris 2024 and Los Angeles 2028 … will it be a friendly agreement?It is well known that the cities that fight to be the headquarters of the highest sports fair allocate millionaire budgets and important marketing and advertising campaigns to win the necessary votes in order to win the event that is held every four years.Now, according to the Los Angeles Times , which cites a source close to the negotiations, both Paris, Los Angeles and the IOC have an agreement for the award of the 2024 and 2028 summer Olympic editions.The news has already become a global trend on Twitter where the media are already talking about the negotiation between the IOC and the committees of both cities.

According to sports media that already account for the fact, the IOC is expected to make an announcement in the next few hours to formalize the designation of the venues, something unusual (at least publicly) in previous Olympic cycles.Both the French capital and the Californian city , were the only ones with real possibilities to deputize the headquarters of the 2024 Olympic Games , both would seek to equal London in receiving the Olympic fair for the third time.In addition to Los Angeles and Paris, other cities dreamed of being Olympic venues but the lack of infrastructure, limited budgets or economies and not having armies of ambassadors to catapult them as marketing showcases were some of the factors that marginalized them. Among them were Rome, Hamburg and Budapest.The dispute was between the city ‘Light’ and the house of Hollywood, both have important committees and great ambassadors .

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Although the alleged agreement is not official, if confirmed, it would be striking that the IOC designated Paris as the venue for the SEO EBL 2024 Olympics, desired by Los Angeles, which, let’s face it, had much more propaganda muscle on its side.The French capital has about a hundred ambassadors, Rafael Nadal (former ATP number one), Elaine Thompson (current women’s 100 and 200-meter Olympic champion for Jamaica) or Gustavo Kuerten (former Brazilian tennis player).In contrast, Los Angeles has an imposing army led by Earvin “Magic” Johnson , former star of the Los Angeles Lakers and current owner of the LA Dodgers (MLB), Los Angeles FC (MLS), the LA Sparks (WNB), as well as Lakers president of operations.But he is accompanied by the main sports leagues in the United States, the NFL, MLB, NBA support the Olympic venue , his latest signing is that of Kobe Bryant , one of the most successful and popular athletes in recent years.

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