Ways to Kill Traffic To Your Blog

While more and more applications and social networks are created to be connected with everyone they know, there are those who want to avoid them at all costs, (which on certain occasions is necessary) and for this an application has just been created 北京电话号码表 that is sells herself as the network for antisocials. The Cloak app proposal uses the user’s physical location data to help know where the closest contacts are and thus avoid tripping over them and although at first glance it may be criticized for many, if you think about it, it has other uses, beyond wanting to be ‘antisocial’ …

Ideal, not only for the sullen and curmudgeon, but for those who have said they are in place when they should be in another, have missed work, run 搜索引擎优化 away from their partner or owe money to a friend … and these are just some of the utilities, which although not very elegant to admit, are real situations from which we have all sometimes wanted to flee.An app, to avoid ‘tripping’ with your friends To put this app into practice, you must connect to Foursquare and Instagram, in order to select (and mark with a flag) the person you want to avoid within a radius of up to two miles around.An app, to avoid ‘tripping’ with your friends

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