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Apple Launches IAd Producer, Its New Ad Campaign Editor For IAd Advertisers

Apple has announced the launch of iAd Producer , a tool created for publishers to easily create ad campaigns for the iAd mobile advertising platform. The application available for Mac OS X offers a complete solution for creating advertisements. The user begins with the selection of the platform, iPhone and iPad require specific sizes due to their format, and then goes through a step-by-step selection process that allows to create the home screen, the menu and one or more pages of content.

IAd Producer allows users to Spain Phone Number List define which transitions are used to move from one screen to another. It offers twelve different options that are the same as the Safari WebKit engine and that are also used for iAd campaigns. It also provides a number of UI interface controls such as buttons, Cover Flow displays.The system is in HTML5 and JavaScript system and allows developers to create their own controls and modify them through the custom code of the client as well as to test and debug directly from the application.

Once the campaign is ready, iAd Producer can optimize it in a number of ways, verifying, for example, that the images are compressed correctly or that the code size is minimized, as well as performing tests to measure functionality.The objective of this launch is to make the Apple platform a more attractive service for a greater number of publishers. The app is only available to members of Apple’s iOS Developer Program.

More digital marketing trends for 2011

As the end of 2010 approaches, it is time to look back, see what the year has left us and, above all, think about what awaits us next year, looking at the current trends in online marketing.In previous articles, we’ve covered some of these trends, highlighting the adoption of social media, smartphones, and mobile marketing. The proliferation of Marketing based on echolocation and a new era where email marketing will begin to reinvent itself.Even so, there are many indications of the existence of important aspects that will be decisive and influential when it comes to marking some other new trends.

As long as investment continues to migrate from the offline world to the online world, the cost per click will continue to increase in the coming years. To fight against this, marketing departments will have to make a double effort to do good management, testing the optimization of the campaigns to reduce costs and increase conversion rates. Social media will respond with automation tools that enable marketing departments to achieve these optimizations at scale. Advertisers will be forced to re-evaluate the correct level of automation for their businesses to achieve the best results.

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