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Augmented Reality: The Future Of Marketing And Advertising

The incessant search for new formulas and advertising media continues to generate new proposals and innovative ideas that, thanks to the use of new technologies, represent an advance in terms of concepts, usability and its different advertising applications.Some of these novel ideas such as “Augmented Reality” could seem to be taken from science fiction plots or films, but nevertheless, despite not being too developed or extended yet, at any moment they could take a qualitative leap to become a phenomenon. or habitual resource in our lives.

The concept and operation of Augmented Reality is based on the superposition of virtual information on a certain object or image in digital form, using for this optimized devices and with specific applications to carry out this type of task, such as a webcam or a mobile phone. . This is the main difference with virtual reality, since it does not replace physical reality, but rather superimposes computer data to the real world.

Applied to the world of advertising, Augmented Reality can provide the consumer with a new Benin Phone Numbers List and different experience by combining reality with images and virtual objects that interact with the consumer in real time and in three dimensions.For Mónica Deza, CEO of Universal McCann, “the ads that use this Augmented Reality perfectly meet the four basic requirements of effective advertising since they allow consumer interaction; content rationalization; that the results are measurable in real time and, finally, the effect of surprise and fascination that they produce is such that they increase the memory of the advertising action ”

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Its application at a global level and on a large scale could give rise to a window into a new virtual world full of information to explore and discover. Maps, directions, suggestions, establishments, etc … in a similar way to a GPS system but with the information superimposed on objects or images of the real world.

Despite the fact that Augmented Reality is still considered a technology in the process of evolution and growth as an advertising resource, some companies and brands such as Fiat, BMW or Esquire magazine have already begun to use it experimentally with actions that seek the complicity of users. users or consumers who interact with the information offered virtually. However, its true proliferation is subject to the different improvements and advances of those devices that can become an operational tool capable of processing and offering us information through this type of Augmented Reality.Some devices such as the popular Iphone telephone are awakening the interest of companies in the application of Augmented Reality on multiple and different aspects and utilities. There is no doubt that the new generations of mobile devices, mainly due to their portability and current interface, can be a great boost for this technology and above all contribute a new dimension to mobile marketing.

“In the not too distant future, people will be able to go to the supermarket, focus on a certain product and thanks to Augmented Reality systems, not only will we be able to recognize and obtain all kinds of information about its characteristics, but we will also have capable applications to suggest or compare prices of different establishments, view offers and even recommendations for similar or related products “.”Going to Shops” could become a new interactive adventure where, thanks to Augmented Reality, we could have all kinds of information about these establishments and the products that are promoted in their shop windows. Compare prices and even discover offers and promotions at street level that indicate nearby or recommended places of purchase.

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