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Augmented Reality, The Revolution Of Mobile Marketing And Digital Advertising

With current technological advances and the evolution of the internet and mobile devices, augmented reality is becoming increasingly interesting for many companies and brands that seek to generate new experiences among consumers.This is confirmed by different reports and studies that despite pointing out that this technology will take between 5 and 10 years to gradually reach the global public, its introduction and experimentation by brands has already started its journey. In this sense, ABI Research indicates that mobile marketing will undergo a radical transformation when initiatives and applications based on augmented reality begin to be developed continuously.

It is called or refers to Malaysia Phone Number List augmented reality as the set of technologies that allow the superposition, in real time, of images, markers or information generated virtually, on real images. In this way we can recreate fictitious elements created digitally, but with which we can interact.The applications that Augmented Reality can have in different aspects of our daily lives range from the application in video games to teaching, through health, geolocation, etc … Although its use as a strategic marketing resource and basis for creation Advertising promotions arouses more and more interest among companies and brands.

Although many already know its operation and its great possibilities, we do not want to miss the opportunity to show through different videos, the magic of this surprising technology.

Digital branding and the consumer journey

Today I come with an article by DC Mandela, published in Harvard Business Review, which has made me reflect on how to better understand consumers in the digital age and at what connection points with the consumer brands should set objectives and KPIs. For years, salespeople, “marketing” and communicators have thought about the metaphor of the funnel or the sales funnel, allocating advertising and other resources to be present in the specific stages of this funnel:

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Making the brand known, Placing it in the mind of the consumer and Finally inspiring the consumer towards the purchase.However, we have not been aware that this funnel fails in the engagement, commitment or link to the brand by the consumer, since by now we all know that retaining is more profitable than capturing and the power of influence that WOM has (word of mouth, although nowadays it is almost better to say keyboard-screen).For this reason, this author emphasizes a more nuanced vision of the funnel called “the consumer decision journey” and he is right.

After an investigation with more than 20,000 consumers in the industry, retail, insurance and mobile telecommunications, on three continents, they detected that the consumer decision journey of the 21st century is more interactive and is based on four stages.CONSIDERATION STAGE towards the brand, in which the consumer is influenced by the people who influence them more than by what the brand itself says.

EVALUATION STAGE, where the initial consideration expands as the consumer finds more inputs in magazines, the websites of retailers, competitors, newspapers, forums, etc.PURCHASE STAGE, where the consumer until he is at the place of sale (physical or online) does not have fully decided whether he is going to make the purchase or not and therefore it is one of the key stages in the decision journey .

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