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The chaos that can be unleashed after the decision to cut relations with Qatar from 5 countries of the Arab world puts dozens of sponsorship agreements at risk.Qatar is one of the countries that has more money invested in the business world in japan business email list Europe, especially in what has to do with football. This is why the news on Monday that five powers in the region cut diplomatic ties with Doha, their capital, is of great concern .Indeed, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Yemen accuse Qatar of supporting terrorism, thus they are expelling the Qataris from their territories. Five airlines, for example, have already suspended all their flights to the millionaire capital.In this scenario of uncertainty, it is necessary to see what happens to the brands associated with this conflict. That Arab country, Doha as a city, several NGOs (including the Qatar Foundation) and a gigantic airline like Qatar Airways have put (and continue to put) millions of dollars in, for example, FC Barcelona FC and Bayern Munich. In fact, it will be the venue for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Qatar has been Barcelona’s main sponsor for seven years now. Even up to this season, Qatar Airways was displayed on the front of its shirt with a revenue of almost $ 40 million last season. The relationship began in 2010, when the Qatar Foundation agreed to sponsor the first team for a $ 190 million five-year contract.In January 2017, he began a relationship with Bayern Munich . Since then, the Doha Airport (HIA) advertising has been featured on training jerseys. That’s why he receives almost $ 17 million per season. The agreement includes, for example, that the German club take part in the preseason in Doha, play a friendly with the Arab country and its specialists advise the Qatari team.

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The FIFA can not do without money from the emirate (one of the three countries with the highest GDP per capita of the Earth). In fact, last May, less SEO EBL than 15 days ago, it announced that it will not only organize the 2022 World Cup , but that Qatar Airways will be an official partner of the entity until that year, so the airline will sponsor the 2018 World Cups in Russia and Qatar. 2022. They did not reveal the value of the agreement, but they did say that it is “one of the most important contracts in the world of sport.”One of the most resounding investments in Qatar in recent years was the entrance to El Corte Inglés . It was in 2015, when the Qatari investor Hamad Bin Jassim Al Thani was allowed to enter, who acquired through the Luxembourg company Primefin 10 percent of the company’s treasury stock for 1.12 billion dollars.

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