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Taking advantage of the expansion of Antevenio in Latin America, we have spoken with the person in charge of it, Jesús Mera, to find out how the digital marketing sector is at the moment International.- Antevenio is a company that is in full expansion in Latin America. Taking advantage of the special value that this company wants to add to all jumia ghana email address of Latin America, we have spoken, exclusively, with Jesús Mera, responsible for said expansion, to find out how the operation is developing and also how he sees the future of digital marketing.It is being an adventure of which we are very proud. It has been more than 10 years since we understood that Latin America It was a market in which we could add special value and from which we could obtain positive experiences from a multitude of brands. During this time we have gone through hard times and great experiences and fundamentally we have learned a lot. The great cultural similarities between Spain and Latin America, put in the shaker together with the great cultural differences that also exist, force you to generate a new work code in which both the local teams and the support team from the Madrid headquarters are comfortable. Being aware of this, understanding the different peculiarities of each country and adapting to them, is one of the reasons why I think Antevenio is having so much success in the region.

Today we have a consolidated position as a reference in Digital Marketing in the region, mainly specialized in Performance and email Marketing, so expansion is becoming easier and easier.Antevenio has offices in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Milan, Paris, Mexico City, Bogotá and Buenos Aires. From them we are managing the southern European and Latin American markets. We have opened Colombia at the beginning of the year and we have just announced the acquisition of a company in New York, so Antevenio USA is already a reality.Regarding new delegations in Latin America, this year we are focusing on being able to serve the entire region from our three current offices. We will get to work shortly on assessing new Latino markets.There is a clear and strong trend within the sector in which the generation of valuable content for the user from brands as an advertising strategy and not a communication strategy is occupying the forefront of Digital Marketing; What content do you generate? What articles? What videos? Manuals, tutorials, tips …

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Being able to generate content with the agility that the Internet requires and good quality, identify what content is generating high interest, disseminate it in a special way, through media purchases or organic integrations to increase your SEO EBL reach, cause the viral effect and get have a high impact, better engagement and, as a consequence, better performance at a lower cost. This is the challenge.So said, it seems simple, but at present, the market architecture separates quite a lot which companies are responsible for conceptual creativity, which do market research, which generate content and which are responsible for media buying. This trend, which in Antevenio we call “generation and management of Custom Communities”, will force us to modify this market map and generate hybrid companies in which all these specialties converge in the same space / time, generating a kind of “real time producer” with research department and integrated media guideline.

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