Bill Gates Is Once Again The Richest Man On The Planet

Santiago, Chile -. The Bloomberg agency has updated its ranking of the people with the most capital in the world, and great has been the surprise. The first place is again for the American Bill Gates , co-founder of the multinational Microsoft, leaving the Mexican magnate Carlos Slim in second place . Here we tell you why this castling happened.The reason for the increase of 10 billion dollars in Gates’ fortune during 2013, is mainly due to the great success that the giant Microsoft has once again , which this Thursday reached its highest price in five years.On the other hand, the Mexican Carlos Slim has had a difficult year. The Mexican government recently approved a telecommunications law that threatens his company “América Móvil” which has caused a loss of around 2 billion dollars in his personal fortune and an even greater drop in his company’s sales.

It seems almost impossible just to imagine Lithuania Email List the number of zeros that these entrepreneurs have in their checking accounts. Currently Gates has a net worth of 72.7 billion dollars, while Slim “only” 72.1 billion. 550 million dollars that make a difference. Who would have thought it?Importantly, Carlos Slim has had a monopoly on cell phones in Mexico, and that, analysts say, customers have been paying excessive prices for those services for years. This is why this new reform has been highly applauded by experts and users.It is also important to note that since 2007 to date, the American businessman and his wife Melinda have given around $ 28 billion to charity. And according to what they say, they plan to eventually part with 95% of their fortune to donate it to different noble causes.

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Social Media miracle or curse?

The new generations will never understand those emails that we share between adults, dead of nostalgia and that speak of times before the nineties, in which all communication was carried out face to face or by telephone. The Internet changed the world, giving life to Generation 2.0, digital natives and other groups that each day become more important to society. But not everything is a miracle, especially when the use of technology is subject to the emotional swings of people. In those cases, anything can happen.A little more than 20 years have passed since the massification of the Internet and no one, at that time, could have imagined the regrets that the immediacy of technology could cause in all kinds of professionals.

Leaving aside the typical late-night drinking call, including a Facebook post, to say that the former is still loved, a situation that would have been unimaginable two decades ago – because the cell phone was not what it is now and landlines they woke up the whole family – we discovered that there are a series of situations caused by or as a consequence of social networks that at times are unmanageable.

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