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Brands Embark On The Adventure Of Social Games

Brands like McDonald’s have already done it, and Lady Gaga is about to do it, and according to an e Marketer report, many other brands will soon venture to boost their presence, engagement, and impact through social gaming.According to a recent e Marketer study, 53 million US Internet users played at least once a month in 2010. That number is projected to grow to 30 of the US online population by 2012.

Increasingly, brands are Mexico Phone Number List entering social gaming through virtual goods, in-game advertising, player exclusives, coupons, and campaigns that link real-life merchandise with social gaming achievements.In-game advertising has gone from being mere billboard advertisements and the key to insertion today is its ability to perfectly fit into the gaming environment.

Previous research has found gamers to be very receptive, and even welcome advertising in games and their marketing efforts, such as virtual branding or product placement.Facebook is set to launch a new video ad-supported vehicle game. The program consists of a partnership with Trial Pay and its Deal spot platform, whereby players will be paid with virtual credits for watching these videos. They can be closed whenever we want, but the payment will be received only by those who see them in their entirety.

60% of merchants carry out some type of interactive marketing action

According to the results of a recent study carried out by the firm Unica, 6 out of 10 sellers and merchants carry out some type of interactive marketing action. The remaining 40% do not carry out any type of action, although of these, 23% plan to do so in the next 12 months, while 11% do not plan to carry out any type of related action.

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When asked to name the three main obstacles when implementing this type of interactive marketing strategies or actions from their companies, the highest percentage pointed out that the organizational structure, corporate culture or internal policies are not conducive in 55% of the cases. The lack of adequate skills in the company or the lack of budget were other causes indicated by 33% of those surveyed.

Regarding monitoring tools, 26% plan to apply them during the next 12 months, this being the majority response when asked about what tasks or objectives they had pending approval, as they need a series of technologies to help merchants optimize customer interactions, including cross-channel interaction management, contact optimization, and web targeting.

Web analytics and email are the technologies that have already been adopted, followed by web content management, campaign management, and e-commerce. More than 50% of the vendors stated that they are already being implemented and used. Despite their widespread adoption, the report notes that sophistication of use varies considerably.

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