Brands Fail to See the Impact of Online Engagement On The Bottom Line

The investment in direct involvement in the online presence will be analyzed this year in ad: tech London.Brands that unlock the full potential of online communities as part of their communications strategy will see a long-term return on that investment, organizers of this year’s ad: tech London revealed. This follows on from last month’s investigation by Wetpaint / Altimeter Group whose recent ENGAGEMENTdb * report found evidence of a financial correlation between brands “that are deeply involved and those that outperform their peers.”

Peter Ward, Deputy CEO of social media firm and one of the speakers at this year’s event, commented: “More and more brands are recognizing the importance of Colombia Phone Numbers List social media and experimenting with various modes. of engaging with them, whether by creating a fan page on Facebook, a Twitter feed, or uploading videos to YouTube. What we see, however, is that many brands remain skeptical and have yet to experience many of the tangible benefits that could convince key decision makers to make social media marketing one of the main pillars of their marketing strategy. ”

Lulu Phongmany, director of marketing and business development for, added: “Social media is no longer something that interests brands or consumers. It is something that is central to any marketing or branding effort. More and more consumers are turning to the web to talk to each other about products and exchange opinions about a product before buying it. In this way, social content platforms offer brands an unprecedented opportunity to interact with their customers. customer base and being part of the dialogue organically. ”

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Ivan Croxford, Managing Director of Digital Marketing Services for BT, also shared his thoughts: “Social media is making ‘the spoken word’ one of the most effective tools for getting business today. Consumers skeptical of corporate brands , increasingly rely on online communities, and seek peer recommendations before purchasing. It is an irreversible trend and those involved with social media will be the first to notice in the future. It is a real opportunity for small businesses to compete with the big ones “. Ward added: “Brands can be better engaged by working with social content publishers directly when possible, and beginning to clarify their goals in what they are trying to achieve. That way, social media publishers or agency specialists can use their experience in putting together a campaign strategy that meets or exceeds those needs. ”

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