Building Your Real Estate Business

In addition to email marketing, print marketing can also be effective when looking to boost your conversion rates. But, when combined, your conversion rates will go through the roof. So, how do you get started, and what follow up materials Bank Email List should you leverage?When individuals visit your open houses, require them to sign-in. This is a great way to capture leads for your real estate business. Create either a sign-in sheet or book, requesting visitors to list their home address, phone number, name and email addresses. Within a week of their visit, send a hand written note thanking them for stopping by. Because consumers receive so much junk mail on a weekly basis, a hand written note is more likely to be opened. Be sure to include your card or a magnet card, giving the lead your contact information.

Once you have successfully completed a property closing with a client, be sure to send a personalized thank you note. In addition to SEO EBL thanking the individual or family for working with you as their agent, be sure to request their feedback. Satisfied clients are not only often repeat clients, but they are the most likely to offer referrals. You can include a short written survey and a self-addressed stamped envelope, or you could even create an easy, short online survey.

Referrals are the best kind of lead. Not only are they inexpensive to generate, they often have the highest overall conversion rates. Therefore, in addition to requesting feedback, you also want to follow up with your current client base, requesting referrals immediately following a closing and several times throughout the next year.

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