Desktop Broadcasting Replace Email Marketing

Email marketing was not my specialty at the time, although I was slowly learning the ropes about writing enticing subject lines and exciting body copy. Those skills are directly transferable into direct to desktop broadcasting. With the Dominica Email List latter you have to build up your network first, because you can’t purchase leads to broadcast to. But it has one major advantage over email marketing: deliver ability! There are no spam traps or junk mail folders for your marketing message to fall into, because everyone in your network has agreed to be there and to receive your recommendations. The only way to completely ‘opt out’ is to uninstall the tiny software application. I believe that was happening a lot before the arrival of the 2.0 version about a week ago. One other criticism I have is that, short of running surveys, I am doubtful how targeted the network members are for anything other than Internet marketing and business opportunities.

Viral marketing and rapid growth appear to be the hallmarks of the second generation of ‘direct-to-desktop’ broadcasting applications. The scripts are built in for reaching your contacts at Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, etc., with the messianic message and that method has proven itself over the past year sufficiently to have been adopted by the heavier hitting ‘gurus.’

As a result of the new viral features that have been implemented in this new version of Desktop lightning, lots of SEO EBL marketers are switching to Desktop Lightning instead of using email marketing at all, or they are using a mix of the two forms of broadcasting, together with article marketing and press releases. Multi media is always the wise choice to make with any advertising campaign online, because Internet marketing is a huge numbers game. It will always be that way.

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