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Choosing a real estate agent list com for the Uninitiated

We were lucky in that a best real estate agent list com had been a real estate agent. Even though she was reluctant to give us advice, she gave us two pieces of advice. Firstly, select three different local real estate agents with whom to discuss the sale of your home. You will get three different evaluations and three different sets of costs for the sale. One of the evaluations will be inflated. That agent is conning you to get the sale. Another will be conservative. This probably means that the agent is not too interested in the real estate agent list com sale. The third is probably close to the mark. This agent obviously wants the sale and has done much research in the area to give you an honest valuation. All will also give you records of all previous sales in your area, most likely prepared by the girl in the office. The serious agent will have real estate agent list com researched all homes in the area of similar style and position to your home.

Secondly, when you are ready to sell, tour your suburb looking for sale signs. Look for the agency that has the most for sale signs up. This usually means this agency is held in high esteem and gets good results. This agency should be one whom you approach for a valuation and so on.

Usually, you have two meetings initially with each agent. The first inspects the house and may discuss the selling process. The next meeting the agent will give real estate agent list com you a booklet with details of the houses in the area that have sold in the last year. The book will contain the costs to you; how the house is advertised and so on. A contract to sell would have been prepared.

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In this second meeting, the agent will suggest a selling price based on their “research”. (You may have a figure in mind. Don’t disclose it. I’ll explain why later.)

Now came the process of selecting the agent. Let me detail our experience with our three agents.

Before we put the home on the market, we had gone to several “Open Houses” to get an idea of the market and what sort of home we might buy with the real estate agent list com price we expected to get for our home. We selected two of the agents in those homes to discuss the sale. The third agent came from a recommendation. They were a husband and wife combination. Eighteen months before, we had asked them to give us an evaluation. So that evaluation gave us a starting point.

The first agent gave us a rough real estate agent list com evaluation which only came after she asked my wife what we hoped to sell the house for. So this didn’t give us too much confidence in her ability to sell our home. Next, when she was explaining the cost to us to sell our home it was more expensive than we expected and the advertising process seemed complicated.

The second agent valued our home well below what we expected She cited the steep drive way and the busy road behind our back fence. (To those who finally purchased the house these were not issues). We got the impression she wanted a quick sale. So she suggested a price to sell it quickly. Once she had suggested a price, she asked my wife what we wanted. My wife replied around . The real estate agent list com We’ll put it on the market at. This seemed unprofessional to us. Then, in discussing the costs of the sale to us, she began to discount many of the various costs. She seemed to be trying to buy our agreement to sell with her. The cost of selling was less than with the previous agent.

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