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Business branding is understood as the work of a manager, founder or CEO to strategically manage the company’s staff, making decisions that can generate empathy, recognition and loyalty on the part of employees, a position that ends up positioning Cuba Email List the company company and make it a trend.
For corporate branding is understood as the work of a director, founder or CEO to manage strategically to the company staff, making decisions that can generate empathy, recognition and loyalty from employees, a position that ends up position the company and make it a trend.Although it is not a recent practice, it is not old, since in recent years it has become a trend to observe CEOs making decisions in favor of their employees regardless of how it affects the productivity of their company. There are plenty of cases, but it is the technology and automotive industries that dominate these strategies.

Recently, the CEO of Citigroup, Michael Corbat , resigned his office, that is, personal office, for a cubicle, like that of any company employee.Despite his position as CEO, Corbat said that he does not have an office because “he is not someone special” , quite the contrary, he is “just another employee” and therefore has a cubicle. Speaking to NBC, he pointed out that connecting with his employees would only achieve it in a similar environment, and defended his action, as it will increase “corporate communication.”For the CEO of Citigroup, in a day-to-day where workers use social networks and instant messaging, positioning his seat next to them is a “constructive” communication mode , since actions like that would be transmitted to his 200,000 employees.In addition, the CEO defends his philosophy of a company free of doors , where information flows, where spaces are shared, which improves the work environment and speeds up the duration and optimization of meetings.

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Citigroup’s action is reminiscent of the actions of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who recently supported a group of employees at his California plant, who SEO EBL were injured on working hours, and assured at the time that he would reduce the plant’s production until the injured employees are fully recovered from their injuries.Similarly, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos once wrote an editorial in the newspaper, also owned, The Washington Post, a letter addressed to his employees, openly inviting them to denounce any abuse of their controls The media, or else, asked them to issue any observations or complaints and that they would not have any repercussions.

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