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Things You MUST Do To Build Your List

The use of content marketing , with a view to strengthening ties with consumers and brands, to create loyalty that translates into benefits, is one of the trends that marketers in the United Kingdom have in mind for this year, according to 韩国电话号码表 the “UK Key Digital Trends for 2014: Mobile Usage, Big Data and Ad-Buying Options Influencing Digital Ecosystem.”The foundations of an effective Content Marketing between the study of trends and content marketing.The widespread use of content marketing is such in the UK that in January 2013, 88 per cent of marketers surveyed for research by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and the Direct Marketing Association UK (DMA ) stated that they already used it to increase the attractiveness of brands to consumers.

Another study carried out in August 2013, found that average spending on content marketing reached up to 31 percent of the budgets of professionals in the sector, who are applying it to some extent. Where 17 percent of the participants stated that they spent between 25 and 50 percent of their marketing budgets on content, while 11 percent invested between 50 and 74 percent of it in the aforementioned modality.In the WCC and DMA research, UK content ‘marketers’ used a wide range of tactics and emplacements during 2013, with social media, blogs, website articles standing out at the top of the list and newsletters.

British marketers have analyzed several key indicators when creating content for specific audiences during 2013, as found in the WCC 搜索引擎优化 and DMA study. 60 percent have adapted to industry trends, while another 57 percent have also based their tactics on the profiles of decision-makers, 55 percent have used brand features that may be of interest to consumers and only 32 percent admit to having taken into account preferences for personalized content during this creative process.

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