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Corporate Disintermediation Is Expressed In The

And yet, the dealer performs the functions of the last intermediary link in the multi-level marketing channel between the manufacturer and the final buyer (consumer) of the product, and the main one in any case, if we are interested in maximum satisfaction of the buyer’s needs. Acting on the terms of an agreement with a supplier (manufacturer, distributor), the dealer makes purchase and sale (delivery) transactions that provide for the direct transfer of ownership of goods from the dealer to the buyer. Thus, the dealer is none other than a simple reseller of goods, an intermediary. Describing relations based on dealership, we must also be based on international experience in the use of certain transactions that are not directly provided for and not regulated by national legislation.

The dealer is the last link in the intermediary commodity distribution chain and is in direct relationship with the buyer. The dealer agreement is concluded between the manufacturer and the dealer and defines their rights and obligations. But the relations of the parties are not limited to the supply and payment of products: marketing practice has developed a certain number of principles and differences between dealership and ordinary wholesale trade. The dealer, in addition to the obligations of the buyer and payer, has certain rights and bears additional obligations to the manufacturer.

The dealer has the right:
for dealer discounts on the price of goods. He is an intermediary to whom goods are sold at special prices;
representation of the trade interests of the manufacturer and the sale of its products in a certain territory or among a certain circle of buyers;
be called an official dealer of the manufacturer and use its trademark;
pre-emptive right to choose a certain type of manufactured products in terms of quality, consumer properties, etc.;
on the possibility of lending to the manufacturer in order to develop its (dealer’s) trade.
The burden of the dealer
procurement planning;
product promotion;
brand restriction (not always, but often such a restriction is imposed by large fans);
service sales support (sales and after-sales service);
Procurement planning
Planning – purchases of a certain amount of goods with a set frequency. Moreover, if the dealer in some period acquires a smaller amount, then the difference is carried over to the next period, in which the dealer is obliged to reimburse it, which in itself is a kind of sanction. The obligation to sample goods by quantity for a period of time specified in the contract is often replaced by the dealer’s obligation to sell such a quantity within this period, but this is illegal and deliberately erroneous. The parties to the agreement can establish rules for each other, but only within the framework of their own relationships: the subject of a dealer agreement is the acquisition, not the sale of goods by the dealer. Consequently, the manufacturer has the right to oblige the dealer by contract to buy goods from him in some quantity, since the basis of the dealer contract is the purchase and sale.

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