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Digital Marketing Strategies Will Influence The Spending Of 80% Of Consumers

Digital marketing strategies such as Social Media Marketing or Mobile Marketing will influence at least 80% of consumer spending by 2015, according to a Garner study.In a conversation for the E Online channel page, the director of that organization, Adán Earner, stated that “mass marketing is decreasing in effectiveness and is no longer a long-term strategy, since its response rate is only 2% ”.”By 2015, digital strategies such as social media or mobile will influence at least 80% of consumer spending,” he said, and for this reason he has called on all sellers to rethink their traditional campaign strategy and move away from the usual channels, to focus on two-way participation.

“The Internet was built on the idea of ​​collaboration between users,” adding: “Once the Internet went commercial, collaboration was overshadowed by transaction commerce and one-way techniques.””Today, the activity has moved back to its roots of interaction and participation, an environment in which hard selling does not work but two-way conversations campaigns, addressing beneficial approaches for customers, where their customers’ needs are taken into account. wants and needs ”.

“Although the majority of Oman Phone Number List sellers are using more than one digital channel, most do not know how to differentiate themselves from a spam model, where the success is due to high volumes of messages trying to benefit almost everyone who accepts the offer. It is not the way, just using the channels does not help us but we must know how to do it ”.Earner cautioned, however, that campaign management and digital marketing need each other as digital marketing represents an opportunity for two-way engagement, digital channels, access to customer insight, and accurate metrics, while that campaign management represents multiple processes in channels, online and offline integration and a complete customer record.

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Mobile vs Social: State of Marketing Integration

Integration has been a buzzword for social media marketers for a while. As the efforts and budgets in these evolved from experimentation to stronger campaigns, the questions of which social media fits well into the marketing mix and what true integration is possible began to emerge.

According to recent research from ‘Unica’ and analyzed by e Marketer, merchandising integration is a work in progress. The adoption of campaigns in several channels is a challenge, as many barriers still remain to achieve the integration of both online and offline data, and even with the mobile integration that is gaining more followers every day.

Q4 found in 2010, in a survey launched in North America and Europe, that social links in email and web exchanges are better integrated for social media tactics, with 62% of respondents stating that sharing Links was carried out in integrated campaigns. Most also responded that achieving integration into location-based applications, widgets, social media advertising, and games took the rest of their efforts.

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