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Digital Marketing, the Only Positive Investment for 2009

According to the latest Zenith Media report, digital media will be the only media that will have a positive figure in 2009.With this reality, María Ángeles Díaz, director of the company Avante Business Public Relations, recently offered a conference for Marbella entrepreneurs in which the opportunity for growth that companies have if they increase the use of these Internet-based tools was addressed.

María Ángeles Díaz began the seminar, in which more than 20 Marbella companies participated, stating that, according to Pareto’s law, 20% of digital marketing tools capture 80% of sales.The topics discussed emphasized the importance of proper positioning of corporate websites. Promotion on social networks and how to take advantage of these channels to optimize user visits to company websites was also addressed, as well as the design of an adequate strategy for effective e-mailing and the acquisition and proper use of the base. of data in compliance with the LOPDE and LSSI. Finally, affiliate marketing was discussed so important for generating contact networks and benefits for all participating companies.

All agreed on the usefulness of Georgia Phone Numbers List these sessions to start using tools that have a shorter ROI (return on investment) and have metrics that allow knowing the real results.Avante Business Public Relations is a specialist in marketing and communication, business training, marketing, promotion and corporate image.

Trends: Digital Marketing will continue its rapid growth

2009 is likely to be a difficult year for many companies and will largely depend on how the current global economic slowdown unfolds. However, Digital Marketing looks set to continue its rapid growth.In relation to this, it is important to know some of the most significant trends and changes that will affect businesses and companies that operate and market through the internet and that in turn use digital marketing and allocate a large part of their budgets to develop their strategies marketing and online advertising.

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Strange Corp, a consulting firm specializing in digital marketing, analyzed some of these marketing trends for 2009. For this reason, it will be interesting to know and highlight some of the most important ones.The need for advertisers to improve the effectiveness and possibility of their advertising spend will be more noticeable and intense. Increased competition and as the budget for advertising and online marketing strategies move to the digital sector, the market will become increasingly crowded and may experience an inflation of advertising costs based on the CPC or cost per click model.

In the event of this inflation, conversion rates will have to improve to keep the CPA at the same level. Something that advertisers should strive to find solutions that can actually improve their return on investment (ROI) by using resources to improve search optimization, greater display of advertising or strategies based on affiliate marketing and email marketing.Coinciding with the vision and predictions of Geoff Ramsey, CEO and co-founder of e-Marketer, E-commerce and online shopping will experience lower growth mainly due to the fact that the economic situation is producing a great change in the behavior of consumers. consumers who will tend to reduce their purchasing actions or to constantly search for offers and promotions.

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