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Digital Media Generate A Unique Degree Of Involvement Between Films And The Public

A Microsoft Advertising study on the role of digital media in film consumption showed that advertising in the online medium generates a unique degree of engagement between films and the public by fostering word of mouth and creating a shared experience in which users can exchange all kinds of extra content from the movie.An example of this is the latest Universal Pictures campaign aimed at digital media to promote their latest animated film “My favorite villain Gru.” During the opening day, the MSN home page hosted a new format called side kick in which one of the lackeys of the evil Gru, the protagonist of the film, dragged the MSN home page to the side, thus making the trailer for tape.

For Isaac Gonzalez Riesling, Media Manager of Universal Pictures International Spain “Digital Switzerland Phone Number List media perfectly complement traditional media in promoting films since they fulfill the same functions as these but also reinforce the results. With this campaign we managed to get almost half a million users to download the film’s emoticons, a figure that shows the importance that online advertising is gaining within film marketing ”.

According to the Microsoft Advertising study, digital media expand the value of the trailer by capturing the public’s attention and bringing the film to life through personalized elements and content, thus creating added value highly appreciated by Internet users.

“Digital media are becoming increasingly important because they allow users to decide for themselves if they want to watch a trailer online and quickly access the content that interests them. That is why at Microsoft Advertising we work to create prominent formats that help the advertiser to connect with their audience by offering them all kinds of well-known and personalized content and experiences ”, says Marisa Manzano, Commercial Director of Microsoft Advertising.

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IAB Launches A White Paper On Affiliate Marketing

This document has been prepared thanks to the work of the members of the IAB Spain Membership Commission, made up of Affiliate, Centro com (Group Antivenin), Commission Junction (Value click), Doubleheader and Noxzema. Affiliate marketing has been, possibly, one of the most unknown areas by the bulk of advertising companies, due in part to the large number of companies involved in its start-up and execution: advertiser, affiliate company, affiliate websites .already the various existing pricing and remuneration models.

All these circumstances made it necessary to launch a document like this White Paper, in which they have tried to define the keys so that any interested company can start an Affiliate marketing campaign with the greatest guarantees of success.The document is structured in 11 chapters that analyze this activity from an eminently practical perspective, addressing issues such as the different types of affiliate marketing, affiliation and branding, and affiliate program management. In addition, the document includes five real practical cases of affiliate marketing experiences of companies from five different sectors recently carried out in Spain.

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