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Do Email Marketing Lists Really Work in Internet Marketing?

First is a list that contains email address of people who showed an interest in making money from home and these are Democratic Republic Of the Congo Email List sold in bulk, like in thousands or millions. With these type of leads you will need a bulk mailing software or an corespondent service that will allow you to enter those leads and send follow up messages to them. These are regarded as poor email lists because they have been sold multiple times and are mostly recycled.

Another type of email marketing lists are ezine lists with subscriber that are interested in making money from home or marketing on SEO EBL the internet. They are usually called solo ads wherein you pay the ezine owner to send your ad to the list of subscribers. There are hundreds if not thousands of ezines out there and the prices range from cheap to expensive depending on the number of subscribers and how targeted they are. With this type of email marketing list, you will need to do a little research on the ezine owner and see how established he or his ezine is in the industry. Plus you will also have to do testing because you can never really tell if you are going to get a good response.

The last type of email marketing list is the list that you generate yourself. You generate these lead lists using a marketing funnel comprised of a squeeze page, a sales page, an corespondent with follow up messages, and a constant providing of value to your subscribers. If you are consistent in your efforts your list will grow over time and will be your most valuable asset as an internet marketer.

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