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Email Marketer Consider the Context and Frame of Reference From Their Customers

Consumers are far more likely to respond to marketing that uniquely targets their interests or needs. This is one of the many Bolivia Email List psychological aspects that must be considered when personalizing your email campaigns. Rationalization can be highly effective, but also ineffective when your frame of reference is out of order. Frame of reference is best described as a collection of ideas that determine how something will be perceived, understood, or taken into context. In this article, we will explain why it is so important to the email marketer.

One way to better understand the importance of your frame of reference is to look at the greeting included in your marketing message. This salutation SEO EBL is so crucial because it plays a huge role in determining whether the recipient will read your email in its entirety, or hit the “delete” button. Context is critical here because the tone must not only match the contents of the message, but also the relationship between you and your audience. For example, a “Hi Bob”, might be the perfect salutation if you are marketing to a consumer, but not the correct way to greet a fellow business professional. Something like “Dear Mr. Johnson” would be a more appropriate frame of reference for business-to-business email messages, and most other communications as well.

Using affiliation is another way to make the most of your frame of reference. If you are aware that some of your customers are members of a certain organization or group, you can tie in that affiliation to boost your email marketing efforts. For example, if one of your clients is a member of the Writers Guild, you could customize an offering like, “As a member of the Writers Guild, we invite you to attend our seminar on how to create a sustainable career in Hollywood”, to raise their level of interest. This type of frame of reference is heavily reliant on relevance and highly targeted to the consumer’s interests, so you must keep that in mind when using such a technique.

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