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Email Marketing and How Google

Many business owners are unsure about how to use the goals feature from Google Analytics. It may seem an overly complicated step to Attorney Email Lists take, after all you are looking at your other results, do you really need to go to the next step and set up goals? Also, you may be wondering, what exactly does Google Analytics goals have to do with email marketing?

As most online business owners know, building their mailing list to be able to use email marketing, is very important. One way of doing this, and is a must do, is to always have a sign up box for visitors to sign up to your mailing list, it’s just common sense. When you check your Google Analytics results, it will tell you how many visitors are new visitors and how many are repeat visitors. The majority will be new visitors and if this is the case, you will only have 1 chance to impress them or capture their attention, so getting their email address is very important so you can market to them in the future.

The sign up process can be anything from your landing page and a thank you page (2 steps), or you may want them to go through several pages to complete your goal. Google Analytics goals allows you to enter up to 10 steps in your funnel. This may include, the landing page, the please confirm your email address page, the refer SEO EBL friend page, the one time offer page and the last step, congratulations you have signed up correctly. At any stage of this goal funnel, your visitor can leave, never to return. It is therefore very important that you know exactly where most of your visitors are leaving in the funnel so that you can change that particular page or pages and monitor the results of these changes. Yes, Google Analytics and it’s goals function, can do all of that for you. It’s all in black and white and no more guesswork needs to be involved.

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