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Email Marketing – Create Your Own Campaign – Utilizing Your Subscriber List

I realize I made it sound simple to install a contact form on your website, but I know you can run into problems with this task. Starting out, it took Denmark Email List me a week (yes, a whole week) to figure out why I couldn’t get the Contact Form 7 to work on my site. It was a frustrating, time consuming and laborious week. If you’re ‘green’ and having a problem with the contact form, or you don’t have a website yet, you may need some help.

Assuming you’ve installed the contact form and created the spreadsheet, the next step is where you make your subscribers glad they SEO EBL bothered subscribing. Give them something worthwhile on a regular basis by emailing them directly. They actually gave you their email information – don’t let it go to waste. I’ll give a word of caution here: Don’t overdo it! Once every other week or even once a month is sufficient for a newsletter.

If you’re sending an informational article you can get away with once a week. You want them to remember you, but you don’t want them to get annoyed or feel overwhelmed. I know I get annoyed with marketers who email me too often, even if it’s with great information.Now, all you have to do is compose an email. Input your subscribers’ email addresses in the address box and attach your newsletter, informational article, or ebook. You can also include the newsletter or informational article in the body of the email to avoid attachments

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