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Email Marketing – Email marketing for Maximum Success I

Email marketing is probably the marketing technique most fraught with danger. The rewards for success can be very high, but the penalties for failure can be very costly. To help you make sure that you are on the right side of this Nigerian Email Database equation, here are some tips that might help you to improve your email campaign, and increase your chances of success.First, any email campaign must start with a list of email addresses. Although this seems fundamental, you would be surprised at the number of people who try running an email campaign with no addresses. They try to find them on the internet, purchase them and even run bots that spam every email address they find.

The latter is illegal so I shall not dwell on them. Any decent email spam blocker should be able to deal with these. Let’s instead have a look at purchasing email addresses. These are offered on many internet sites, but I would advise you to ignore them. Although most are advertised as ‘targeted email addresses’, in other words, addresses of people who have professed an interest that is relevant to your web site, do not take this at face value.

The advertisers might well be right, but what they don’t advertise is that in most cases the addresses were bribed by SEO EBL free gifts and those providing them are not really very interested in what you have to offer. Most purchased lists are worth nothing, and you are likely to get zero responses from a list of five thousand addresses. Those who registered might have done so from a ‘sports’ web site, but have no interest in your snowboarding or lacrosse.

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