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Email Marketing – Gain Your Subscribers’ Trust With Ethical Product Promotion

If you’ve been on email marketing lists of top Internet marketers, I’m sure you’ve experienced “product promotion gone wild.” It probably Colombia Email Address doesn’t make you feel excited to read those marketers’ email, so that should tell you something about how you should treat your list. This article will cover some important points about how to promote to your email list ethically.

Some top Internet marketers have lists that SEO EBL are 100,000, or even up to 500,000 and more people long. Those are big numbers, but they are misleading. Many of those same marketers have very high unsubscribe rates, because they don’t commit the time to providing anything of value to their lists, but instead they promote products with every email.

Having a list of 100,000 or more people is nice, but you can have a full time income with a list of 5,000 people, or even less if you are an ethical marketer. When you choose a product to promote to your list, make sure that you have actually reviewed the product yourself. And if you don’t like it, say so. Don’t lie to your list for the commission. Over time, your list will learn that they can’t trust your opinion, and that will lead to fewer sales for you. If you haven’t actually used a product that you want to promote because you trust the author, be open about that to your list.

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