How nd Why You Need To Capture Leads

In fact, not everyone who visits your website will buy from you. The first chance to get onto your website doesn’t lead to a lasting relationship unless you do something about it. So what do you do with these people you will probably Ameriplan Leads never see again? Isn’t it a waste to let him go? Do you know how hard it is to get this traffic to your website first? You have to shoot them before they click and they will never come back. You need to have a squeeze page to catch it. Squeeze pages are designed and created as websites or sales letters. The difference, however, is that you’re not making any sales here. You have hit your Google Search squeeze page looking for relevant keywords which means they are your potential prospects. They come with one goal – to find information.

The purpose of a squeeze page, as the name suggests, is to grab whatever you want from your visitors. You are here to attract these qualified visitors, bring them to your website, and sell them later. They put it on your list and give them SEO EBL compelling reason to give you their name and contact email address. The whole point of gathering their contact information is to contact them later via your email and direct them to your sales page or sales letter. Your patience pays off tenfold when you take it through the sales funnel, sell it from the cheapest product in the first tier to the most expensive, and sell and sell on the go. All of this can be done because you can always come back to them.

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Unlike sales letters or websites, you sell or click on them. If you have a list and can’t sell it for the first time, you can track your emails and increase your sales. You can do all of these because they are on your inclusion list and absolutely cannot escape.

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