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Email Marketing – Integrating Video With Email Marketing

As you may be aware, someone that views your mailings to be spam is not likely to even bother opening your emails to begin with. In Kazakhstan Email List addition, server administrators are also getting better at filtering out spam, so that it never reaches their customers. If you decide to use video clips as part of your email marketing program, you may have some other issues to consider.

To begin, many people will not open an attachment from someone they do not know. Even if you spent hundreds of dollars to SEO EBL create a video, your potential customer may not even bother to open the attachment. Therefore, you may be better off giving some information about your video in the email, and then let them view it from your website. That said, if you did not purchase enough bandwidth from your web host, this could create other problems.

In some cases, your email pitch may be enough to induce a potential customer to want to see your video. Unfortunately, they may defer because of technical issues. This includes the slow speed of dial up service, as well as computers that do not have enough memory or other resources to play your video. While this situation may change in the next few years, right now it is still a significant concern.

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